Office mezzanine space

A mezzanine floor is the perfect solution if you need to build some extra office space without eating into the valuable floor space of your warehouse. Quick, easy and very affordable they allow you to take advantage of the fresh air in your building and turn it into a functional workable area. Ultimately maximizing your space.


As well as obviously supplying the mezzanine floor itself, we are also delighted to offer a full ‘turn key package’ when it comes to the office fit out itself, incorporating partitions, flooring, ceilings and electrics, allowing you to deal with one company taking all the stress out of the situation.To find out how a mezzanine floor for offices could benefit your company please feel free to contact us today. We would be delighted to help

Retail mezzanine space

A mezzanine floor is a wonderful solution for any business that requires additional storage space without the hassle of having to move or rent additional space. Quick, affordable and easy to install a mezzanine floor can literally double your storage or office capacity, and the great thing is they are exempt from rates.


Generally designed to accommodate 500kg pallets, you can either use it for pallet storage, shelving, or even extra production and office space.


Here at Magnum we would be delighted to show you how a mezzanine floor can unlock your buildings potential and starting at as little as £60 per square metres installed, its easy to see why companies like yours choose this option.

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